Cyprus Project Management Society
The Society

The scope of the Society’s work is to promote International Project Management standards and techniques in Cyprus. Also, the CMPS has the capacity and the knowledge to create a culture where the benefits of Project Management methodologies are widely accepted and acknowledged by organisations, professionals, and the society in general.

Our vision is to bring benefits to organisations, businesses, professionals and the society, through:
  • the establishment of a project management culture in Cyprus;
  • the application of accredited international project management standards;
  • the certification of experienced professionals;
  • the facilitation of training events in Cyprus, and
  • the benefits transfer from countries and societies, which use project management widely.
Our mission
  • Promotion of the recognition of Project Management impact to organisations, professional and the society in general;
  • Participation in research related to project and portfolio management and also other relevant disciplines;
  • Promotion of international project management standards;
  • Facilitation and conduction of training courses regarding project management methodology, as well as certification of professionals;
  • Facilitation of events related to project management in Cyprus, and
  • Transfer of lessons from countries and societies, where they use project management widely.
Our Values

We believe in:

We are passionate about project management and we always commit to the successful completion of our Society’s endeavors.

We are a team of volunteers, who have joined together to help our Society grow.

We believe, first and foremost, in an efficient and effective process of communication throughout our team. Therefore, we go for a clear and structured communication plan, as the project management methodology defines.

Team work
We work together and succeed as a team, supporting and motivating each other to succeed as well as grow as people and professionals.

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