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IPMA 4-LEVEL Certification
ISO 21500:2012 – Guidance on project management

ISO 21500ISO 21500:2012 provides guidance for project management and can be used by any type of organization. Public, private or community organizations can use ISO 21500:2012 for any type of project, regardless of complexity, size or duration.

This certification provides high-level description of concepts and processes that form good practice in project management. Projects exist in the context of programs and project portfolios, however, ISO 21500:2012 does not provide detailed guidance on the management of programs and project portfolios. Topics related to general management are addressed only within the context of project management.


ISO 21500 Project Manager Certification

ISO 21500 provides high-level description of concepts and processes, which form good practice in Project Management. ISO 21500 Lead Project Manager training enables you to acquire the expertise to lead an organisation and its team.

In order to get this Certification, you should attend a 5-day PECB training course. This training will give you deep knowledge of all the best practices of Project Management. You will, also, be able to successfully plan, implement, control and close a project, while meeting the project’s objectives. Both new and experienced managers will be able to use this standard to improve project success and achieve business results. After mastering all the necessary processes, you can sit for the exam and apply for an ISO 21500 Lead Project Manager credential.



IPMA 4-Level Certification

certifications-ipmaThe CPMS is working closely with the International Project Management Association (IPMA) and its national associations, in order to offer the IPMA 4-Level Certification exams.

This 4 – level Certification program is a world leading qualification and it is based on the Competence Baseline (ICB). It provides standards, which can measure Project Management performance. IPMA is the only one worldwide, who provides certification program based on competences.

The 4 levels are:

  • A: Certified Projects Director;
  • B: Certified Senior Project Manager;
  • C: Certified Project Manager;
  • D: Certified Project Management Associate.

If you need more information for the program and the process is here.


Academic certifications

The CPMS is working to gain access to other academic level Certificates for its members.


If you want to learn about the availability of the exams that the CPMS offers, the requirements and the structure, please visit our page frequently or feel free to contact us.

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