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On June 27, our Society hosted the multiplier event of the upgrade2europe project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ program (strategic partnership).

The project is focused in small and medium-sized organizations and companies, and educational institutions and its main objective is to support them address the challenges they face in their efforts to work transnationally in Europe.

Upgrade2europe builds on the Europeanisation project , as it is our consortium’s belief that organizations and companies should gradually develop the capacity to capitalize on the opportunities provided by the European integration.
upgrade2europe will deliver the necessary tools and knowledge required with no cost.

During the course of the project our consortium has developed an integrated digital learning tool and six complementary products that will be available online.
Using the results of our project learners can acquire the necessary knowledge for the Europeanization of their organizations step by step while working and applying them in their daily work. At the same time, training providers can use the material and our curriculum for developing training offers.

The results of the project are:

  • A process model that deminstrates how to advance from national to European work systematically and successful.
    2) A curriculum based on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).
    3) The upgrade2europe handbook, which facilitates personal and practical training at the workplace with the help of “ready-to-use” methods and tools.
    4) Teaching and learning videos that address important areas of Europeanization and provide users an initial overview of the relevance of thematic learningareas.
    5) A digital self-assessment tool which learners can use to analyze the maturity of their organization for transnational work in Europe and receive individual recommendations for action.
    6) An e-mail course to increase the awareness of the importance of Europeanization.

We are proud we are part of this exciting project and look forward to disseminating the results to our members and stakeholders.

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