Cyprus Project Management Society
The Society

The Cyprus Project Management Society (CPMS) was established in February of 2008 by a group of professionals/volunteers equipped with the knowledge, skills and competences, as well as the passion to effectively promote the Society’s vision and activities and the willingness to support the activities of the Society on a voluntary basis.

The Society is a non-profit member-driven professional association, which draws strength and competences from the participation and contribution of its volunteers, in order to perform its activities. It aims to disseminate the benefits of using Project Management methodologies to companies, professionals and the society in general, through the participation in relevant research and the promotion of international project management standards and techniques.

The guiding principle of the Society’s activities is the establishment of a Project Management culture in Cyprus.

The main activities of the Society are:

  • The promotion of the positive impact and value of project management to organisations, professionals and the society in general;
  • The participation in research in the areas of project and portfolio management and other relevant disciplines;
  • The promotion of international project management standards;
  • The facilitation of training courses related to project management and other relevant disciplines;
  • The facilitation of events related to project management in Cyprus and;
  • The transfer of knowledge from countries and societies, where they use project management widely.

As of September 2008, the CPMS has successfully joined the IPMA as a transitional national member. IPMA (International Project Management Association) is a Federation of the leading Project Management associations in each nation with over 60 member nations. It develops Project Management competences and standards, and accepts one Member Association per country.

Hence, the CPMS builds on the expertise, knowledge and certifications of the IPMA and its network of over 60 national associations from all over the world.

Other activities and memberships

In addition to its activities related to Project Management, the Society also collaborates with European and international associations. It participates in research in the area of Project Management and other relevant disciplines.

As of 2012, the Society, with the kind and active contribution of its volunteers, has participated in European Union projects adapted to the standards and requirements of non-profit professional associations. The Society has contributed with its expertise in the completion and dissemination of the results of research projects related to project management and planning, Europeanisation, Digitalization, business continuity and other relevant areas.

As a professional member-driven organisation, the CPMS is open for collaborations with international bodies, active in Project Management and other management areas.

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