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On October 22, the Society conducted a training covering the IPEC methodology ( IPEC Training ) and the online application. We developed these under the framework of the IPEC project, which was funded by the Erasmus+ call. IPEC stands for Initiate, Plan, Execute and Close.

IPEC TrainingThe in-depth training familiarized participants with the IPEC methodology and the online application and how SMEs and micro enterprises can use them, in order to improve the management of a company’s project.

Additionally, the training engaged users by providing the basics and importance of the project management discipline.


The IPEC Training was divided into the following 3 sessions:

  1. Project Management & IPEC principles: In this session, the Society covered the main principles of project management as well as the principles of the IPEC project.
  2. The IPEC Stages – Explained: In this session, we covered the four stages of the IPEC project. We also declared their differences and similarities with the main project management standards.
  3. The IPEC App – Hands on Training: In this session, we provided an extensive hands-on training to participants. It was based on the manual developed under the framework of the project for the use of the IPEC project.
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