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Project Title

CASSANDRA (Continuity And Security for SMEs Active in Neutralizing Dangers and Risks affecting their Activities)


  • Project duration: 2015 – 2017
  • Participating countries: Germany, Greece, Italy, the Czech Republic and Cyprus
  • Lead partner: The lead partner of the project is emcra GmbH
  • Target groups:Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – particularly micro-enterprises – in the service sector

The two-year project (2015-2017) is funded as a “Strategic Partnership” from the EU “Erasmus+” programme.

The aim of CASSANDRA Project is to improve the stability and resilience of SMEs through the use of three new tools. The CASSANDRA Approach includes a Quick Check, a Guide and an Online Course. Through the use of these tools, SMEs will be able to analyse business risks independently and cost-effectively and to minimise or neutralise them in the future through practical solution strategies, thereby becoming more stable. The three products impart detailed knowledge in the areas of risk management, business continuity management and information security management.




Risk is everywhere. Everything we do involves risk. But not doing anything is also risky! Being able to manage risks is a life or death criterion for every enterprise.

Improving business resilience and continuity planning by building a risk management plan and business impact analysis are important parts of improving resilience. Only by assessing and planning for the potential risks can an organisation find ways to minimise their impacts. In addition, the organisation will be able to recover quickly if an incident occurs.

CASSANDRA Approach ( CASSANDRA Project ‘s website) will help you to implement an effective business resilience framework. All risk management projects, no matter how small, should be shared across every operational discipline and also across your business.


Six organisations from Germany, Greece, Italy, the Czech Republic and Cyprus have collaboratively developed the CASSANDRA Approach within the framework of an EU project. All partners have contributed to the success of the project under the leadership of emcra. The project management method PRINCE2 was used for the implementation of the project.


emcra GmbH (Lead partner) - Germany

emcra GmbH is a leading training and consulting company in the areas of national and European funding, as well as international project management. Since 2002 organisations, societies, associations and public institutions have profited from the specialist expertise of emcra’s international team.


IBWF e.V. (Institute for Business Consulting, Economic Development and Research) is based in Berlin and is the only association in Germany and Europe that brings together lawyers, tax consultants, auditors and business consultants in an organised, multidisciplinary network.


LVH - Italy

lvh is the regional association for craftsmanship in the South Tyrol region in Italy. Since it was founded in 1989, the association has mainly been involved in representing the interests of crafts to local and regional institutions, other associations and the society in general.


Tournis Consulting - Greece

Tournis Consulting LP provides consulting services in the areas of risk management, crisis management, business continuity, security management, compliance and internal control.


Cyprus Project Management Society - Cyprus

The Cyprus Project Management Society (CPMS) is a non-profit organisation established in 2008 with the objective of promoting international project management standards, techniques and certifications in Cyprus and introducing the benefits that come with applying a project management culture to companies and to society in general.

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