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Between the 5th and 7th of October, the consortium partners of the INCLUDE (Inclusive Leadership in the Digital Age) project came together for a 3-day training.

The training event was part of the project’s C1 Activity (Short term Joint Staff training event) and was hosted in Larnaca, by the Cyprus Project Management Society.

The INCLUDE consortium was joined by enthusiastic professionals who contributed with their knowledge and experiences, to the consortium’s understanding of the challenges today’s leaders are faced with.

Following a brainstorming session and an elaboration of the theoretical background of the INCLUDE project that kicked off the activity, the consortium delved into a number of areas, relevant to the challenges of the digital age.

The training covered a number of areas, with emphasis in the challenges organisations are faced with and the role leaders can play in supporting their organisations and their colleagues to overcome them.

The consortium partners attended the training sessions listed below:

  1. Spiral Dynamics – Development phases of organisations,
  2. Consent moderation,
  3. Resilience and self-awareness
  4. Social inclusion through multimedia storytelling,
  5. Real influence – 3R model,
  6. Remote work: Tips & tricks,
  7. Toolbox: Reflective group.

Each training session was followed by practical workshops and where applicable, the use of online tools, that enabled delegates to deepen their understanding of each learning area and its applicability to the context of the INCLUDE project.

Delegates were introduced to new concepts and management trends and equipped with valuable knowledge and experiences that will support them to positively influence their organisations and their colleagues.

The training event was concluded with discussions and the exchange of ideas, on the intellectual outputs of the project and how they could be further enhanced through the experiences and knowledge acquired during the course of the training.

The meeting was organised in full compliance with the COVID19 guidance provided by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cyprus.


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