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The Cyprus Project Management Society (CPMS), is a non-profit organisation established in February of 2008. The objectives are the promotion of international project management standards and techniques in Cyprus and, also, the introduction of the benefits from the application of a project management culture in companies and the society in general.  The effort will entail the institutionalisation of the project management profession in Cyprus through the introduction of international project management standards and techniques and the promotion of accredited project management academic and professional certifications, to students and local professionals.

In addition to the activities related to project management standards and the certification of companies and individuals, the CPMS also participates in research conducted in the area of project management in collaboration with other international associations.

Governance & Membership

The CPMS is governed by a five member Board of Directors and membership is open to all professionals who meet the requirements defined in the Society’s Articles of Association. These requirements are related primarily to the candidates’ academic background and professional experience.  There are two types of membership, Full Membership and Associated Membership for individuals who do not meet the requirements for Full Membership.  Interested individuals can complete the application form and submit their signed application and all mandatory certificates either by e-mail or by postal mail.


The vision of the CPMS is to bring benefits to organisations, businesses, professionals and the Society in general, through the establishment of a project management culture, the application of accredited international project management standards, the certification of experienced professionals and the facilitation of training events in Cyprus.


An important milestone in the Society’s history and a critical success factor in the long road to implement its vision and objectives, is the official association with the International Project Management Association (IPMA), a premier project management standards organisation.

As of September 2008, after a two year effort and close collaboration with the IPMA, the CPMS has successfully joined the International Project Management Association (IPMA) family, and was awarded transitional national member status.

As a national member association, the CPMS will be representing the IPMA in Cyprus and will be promoting its activities, its project management standards and techniques and its professional training and certifications.

Furthermore, having the IPMA’s expertise, knowledge, certifications and its network of 46 national associations from around the world as its core value, the CPMS will aim to establish a professional project management culture in Cyprus and transfer the benefits from countries and societies where project management is practiced widely.

Other activities and memberships

As a member driven professional organisation the CPMS is always open for collaborations with other prestigious international bodies active in the wider management discipline that can add value to its members, the business community and the society in general.

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